Let’s Show Love to Zulu as Justice is again being delayed!

From the Free Zulu European Campaign Chairperson:

Once again justice is being delayed for our Brother Zulu Whitmore, who had an evidentiary hearing coming up on July, 22, 2019, when the State was supposed to have everything tested by that date, because it was agreed to in open court that there would not be anymore extension in this case.

However Judge Erwin in the 19th judicial district court granted the State another 60-day extension without Zulu’s lawyers being present in court.

A statement from his legal team says, this is not over by a long shot, and they ask that all of Zulu’s supporters show him some love at yet another delay.

Myself and the Free Zulu European Campaign say: show our brother some love with letters of support.

Annabelle Parker
Free Zulu European Campaign

You can reach Zulu here to send him support:

Kenny Zulu Whitmore
86468 – Cypress#3
LA State Prison
Angola, LA 70712
Or via Jpay.com

Pack the Courtroom!

Free Zulu photo with blue skyThere was a long-awaited Court Hearing on April 2nd, 2019, in which Zulu was present, with support of his family and friends.

In this hearing, the State was ORDERED by the Judge to have all of the withhelded evidence tested by July 22nd, which is the next court date. So let’s pack the courtroom on July 22nd!


Sweet Land of Liberty

Sweet Land of Liberty

By Kenny Zulu Whitmore

Zulu’s first photo after being released from solitary confinement 2015

86468 – Cypress 3, LA State Penitentiary, Angola, LA 70712

With Lady Liberty standing out in the harbor with her flaming torch held high for all to see near and far, she asks for your “tired, poor, poverty stricken humble sould yearning to breathe free in the land of liberty,” well Lady Liberty must be crying her eyes out while Donald Duck sits on his mighty throne from the Big House insisting that congress not Mexico give him 5.7 billion dollars to build a wall around the Southern border to keep our Southern, Central American and West Indies brothers and sisters, Mexicans, Hundurans, Guatemalan and Haitian and other so-called minorities who Duck’s wall is really meant to keep out of the liberty.

So I join with my Mexican Brother Emundo Cerda Anima, in calling for our communities to come together and build THAT BRIDGE and defeat Donald Duck’s call for a wall that he said the Mexican Government would pay for, instead BUILD THAT BRIDGE and stop the weeping of Lady Liberty by giving her your tired, poor, poverty-stricken, war-worried humble masses. What if the Native American had built that wall? So let’s build that culture bridge, build that culture bridge, build that culture bridge.

America Beautiful Land

By Emundo Cerda Anima

Edmundo Cerda Anima

Edmundo Cerda Anima

594309-Cypress 3, LA State Penitentiary, Angola, LA 70712

Now tired of so much seeing and so much hearing. How in this land our people is offended, insulted, humiliated, and discriminated non-stop.

From Angola prison today, the Hispanics would like to talk a little about history and freedom. ‘Wet-backs,’ ‘aliens,’ ‘foreigners’ we are called, and even by many other names. In appealing our case, it is necessary to return to history, for history itself by its facts will clarify once and for all that in America there have always been some Hispanics, and will always be. This is the land our Creator one day was pleased to give to us.

Others were the intruders, who in search for refuge and freedom dared one day arrive to our land. We know everybody forgot that already; therefore, today we remind them of that. It was a people from Great Britain who sailed that day. Their reasons for leaving were poverty and the oppression under which they lived. Yearning for freedom, to arrive in America they longed.

For all over the world it was heard that this beautiful land filled our people with blessings. With help from their King, they crossed the seas and suddenly awoke on these lands. America, you cannot deny to us that on that day you saw a dejected and oppressed people, for that you embraced them with love on your land. Then shared with them what you offered to our people. And to that you added sweet peaceful days, sincere love, and the blessed freedom, which those peoples came to seek from you.

That was the reason why Great Britain, on that day return of his demanded from you. I learned that on March 5, 1770, British soldiers violently patrolled your streets demanding from those foreigners loyalty to their king and country. However, as we have already said, America, your blessings have always been sweet and abundant, and that was sucfficient reason for that people to refuse to abandon you. Preferring to renounce their country forever, on a 4th of July, 1776, in Philadelphia, 56 men faced the British government. They strongly argued, it is better for us to die than to abandon America, this beautiful land and his blessed freedom. That’s how on that afternoon, America, those foreigners were added to you. Without thinking that as time went on, one day those peoples would also betray you, for little by little with intrigues they began to take this land. But that was not enough for them.

In enslaving the people they thought, so laws and regulations they prepared. With cunning and malice, Article XIII [13th Amendment] one day they formulated, for they saw that was the way in which they could become owners of the people and of the land that one day it adopted them.

Forgetting the brave ones like Lincoln, Luther King and many more, and the history spoken hereof, today in America they preach freedom. Blessed it be, we have said! For after such victorious fighting there should be no more slaves. Thereby, Article XIII [‘s exception clause] should be erased, for in inspires betrayal and horror. Or could it be, beautiful America land, that your freedom is just a lie?

Even here in Angola prison, the Hispanics through history we clarify that we are the Americans, and that even though straightforward the land was taken from us, make clear that they cannot and would not have been able to take from us or erase from this land our name, our history, our culture and language.

Zulu and Emundo on the road

Zulu and Emundo

Zulu is still waiting for a parole hearing

February 19th, 2019
We have been in frequent contact with our Brother Zulu. The news is that there is still no change in the situation that he should be seeing the Parole Board, but the prison administration had is date changed, and then they appealed the decision by a court. So Zulu is still ‘in limbo.’ After 44 years, it is a test of his patience yet again!

Zulu has been prepared for the hearing with the parole board, he has several job offers lined up, a family who will take care of him, a place to live, and he has a lot of knowledge to share. We are all wondering why the State and administration are taking so long to see (apart from the unjust incarceration because of his innocence) that he is really a wonderful person who cares for the people and the world? Why keep him locked up?

You can write to Zulu to show your support:

Kenny Zulu Whitmore

Zulu with his grandaughter, visiting in November of 2017

Zulu with his grandaughter, visiting in November of 2017

86468 – Cypress#3
LA State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

Or send him an “email-message” via Jpay.com

Thank you!

Zulu called and explained that the Dept. of Corrections is appealing that he can get a paroledate set, because according to them he has to do 2 consecutive sentences. But the law that was issued in 2018 for Lifers in prison since the 1970s does not say that, and Zulu also was already eligible for parole on one of the sentences.  So all they are doing is waisting time off Zulu’s life and that of his family and many suporters. Also, other prisoners with similar sentences have been released on parole!

Zulu will have a hearing about his correct parole date

This Friday, Zulu will have a hearing before the Commissioner of the 19th Judicial District Court. This is about the Louisiana D.O.C. resetting his correct parole date.

Zulu has become eligible for parole since new laws came into place this year for prisoners serving life sentences since the 1970s, and who have already done 40+ years inside. However, in August he learned that his parole date was not set to September 2018, but 2083. His lawyers found out how this happened, and now he will have a Hearing via video court about this.

Let’s send good, positive thoughts to Zulu and his family and friends, comrades, in hopes he will be on board for the next parole hearing!



Is this Zulu’s last birthday in prison?

Zulu celebrated his birthday yesterday, his 43rd behind bars, and his sister came to visit him on Friday, because there was no visiting on the Sunday due to the rodeo taking place.

Zulu received a lovely birthday cake, ordered by his sister with the words: “Happy birthday Zulu, this will be your last one here. I love you, your Sis.”

We hope that Zulu will be released soon.


Updates on our revolutionary brother Zulu – August 2018

Greeting from the Free Zulu Committee Europe,

Just some updates on our revolutionary brother Kenny Zulu Whitmore, who spent 37 years in solitary confinement at the notorious Louisiana State penitentiary at Angola, better known as Angola State Plantation.

Beside the Angola 3, Zulu, who did 37 years in solitary, and Albert Woodfox of the Angola 3, who did 42 years in solitary confinement, are the only political prisoners in Louisiana history to have spent a combined 79 years in islation. Albert Woodfox was freed in 2016, Zulu was released from solitary into the general population of the plantation in 2015.

The Free Zulu Europe Committee is once again happy to bring you this update on our revolutionary brother. He is in very good health for a 64-year-old young man, and still does his workouts and runs the yard. Zulu has a prison job as orderly/health-care worker and he has completed several educational coures to where he has received certificates, and he continues to mentor younger prisoners on using their incarceration to educate and better their lives and to be fathers to their children from that side of the wall, because being incarcerated does not stop one from being a responsible man.

On the legal front, Zulu’s case has been pending in the Louisiana Supreme Court awaiting a decision on a procedure issue for ten months as of this August, so let’s continue to send the brother some love and light. Also, Zulu is awaiting a new parole date to be set that should come at anytime now. I know our brother would say Insh’Allah / God willing.

From recent photos you can see that Zulu’s beautiful sisters, granddaughter, son and friends visit regularly, and as his granddaughter Reagan puts it: “I can’t wait till Big Papa come home.”

The Free Zulu European committee will continue to give updates as we await a court decision or a parole date to be set.

Send our brother some love and light at:

Kenny Zulu Whitmore,
86468 Cypress-3
LA State penitentiary,
Angola, LA 70712

Annabelle Parker & The Free Zulu Committee Europe
Freezulu.org (zulusupporteurope.wordpress.com)

Kenny Zulu Whitmore with his friend Riley

Zulu with his friend Riley visiting him, July 2018

Zulu support cards at Bookmarks bookstore, London, Sept. 2018

Zulu support cards at Bookmarks bookstore, London, Sept. 2018

The Circle of Life

By: Sede’ Baker. Zulu has allowed Sede’ to post his writings on Zulu’s supporters site.

Life presents messages in a diversity of ways, yet one’s perception, depending on the level of perceiving is a vital stage of deciphering whatever a messege may be.

The message that I find to be the most profound is depicted in the animated cartoon,The Lion King. The Lion King relates the entirety of our essence in a manner suited for the youth to embrace, yet in its rawest form could not be grasped because of the perplexing concepts involved.

The Lion King stressed on numerous occassions ,”The Circle Of Life”. When we analyze the circle of life, we find a natural order that is maintained to sustain a specific balance. To deprive that balance of whatever element acts as a link to the locking of that circle, that balance then becomes disturbed.

This parallels directly with human nature and the family atmosphere. If we scrutinize the family unit, its structure and dynamics, we can then conclude that father, mother, and child are the perpetuators of that order.

The father is recognized as protector and provider, not just from financial or bodily harm but to protect the emotional ,mental, and spiritual state of wife and child to secure future edification. In the father’s absence, what is instilled into the wife, while he’s away making provisions, will be stamped to the child’s mind by the mother to induce mental stimulation.

Usually, the child is surrounded by just the mother. What is seen by mother will be emulated by child, thus the term mother-tongue comes in to the picture because it is mother that is first teacher. It is these teachings that will be continued through the child, permitting excellency and greatness.

But what transpires when the father lacks mental elevation or is absent due to separation, death, or incarceration? Let us examine this thoroughly. Society creates certain standards for everyone to follow. It is these standards and trends that becomes the influence in the molding one’s indentity.
Whatever is the standard of the day becomes the guiding factor, unconsciously of the lifestyle being lived whether it is murder, rape, or robbery. Without a strong male presence to help the child recognize these standards, these standards takes the place of the missing father and rears the child according to those principles.

This can lead to social disfunction, limited upward mobility, and psychological stagnation, which manifest itself as abnormal behavior. But with the male presence, one who has risen above his dillema of ignorance becomes the guide, mentor, advisor, and counselor to whom needs aid.

This destroys the following of standards set by society and transforms the mind into that which is unparalled and allows the propagation of enlightment through future nations. This enables what is exempt from that circle of life to be placed in its natural position, creating continuous order and upheaval, eliminating what exacerbates that lack of balance.

If it’s the male that contributes to this order, would it not be wise to consolidate the connection between man and child?
Think about it!

Written by:
Sede’ Baker

For further discussion of how we can address these issues, please log on to Jpay.com and send me an email: Sede’ Baker #468689 (Louisiana)

Visiting Zulu

Picture of Denise and Zulu during a visit 2017

Denise visits Zulu

Last weekend, Zulu received a visit from his friend Denise, and she noted this beautiful thought about the visit:

I visited my friend Kenny Zulu Whitmore at Angola AKA Louisiana State Penitentiary and talked to him about how I felt world peace was possible if we as a collective wake up to who WE ARE. Here’s a man who has spent the last 43 years in one of the most violent places in America, prison, 37 years of which were in solitary confinement for a crime that he did not commit. He AGREED with me that indeed world peace is possible!

I also told him that I believed his presence was a major peacekeeping force in that institution. This man is a spiritual GIANT that’s full of joy. He told me, “They may have my physical freedom, but they can NEVER have my spiritual freedom.”

Zulu is waiting patiently

We wanted to update you on Zulu’s whereabouts.

In the beginning fo February, Zulu was moved to another building within the Louisiana State Pen, in Angola, LA. He is now in the Main Prison compound, Cypress#3 dormitory.

This is where the largest number of modern day slaves are housed: around 3,500 or more. Zulu was last housed in this area in 1985, when it had killings nearly every week, and stabbing every day, but not so much now. He also said there are a lot of kids down here who just don’t know.

What we learned is that the old solitary confinement buildings are being closed down at the moment, as they were becoming very old.

For the rest, Zulu is patiently waiting to hear from the court, and he is waiting to hear when he will come up for parole, as in Louisiana those prisoners who have been incarcerated the longest, from the 1970s, will be called up for parole! The order in which they are called up is by their number.

Here are some pictures of a visit by Zulu’s son and grandaughter, from November of last year!

Zulu’s new address is:

Kenny Zulu Whitmore
86468 Cypress#3
LA State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

Zulu on the right, with his son and grandaughter, visiting in November of 2017

Zulu with his son and grandaughter, visiting in November of 2017

Zulu with his grandaughter, visiting in November of 2017

Zulu with his grandaughter, visiting in November of 2017