We love Zulu!

Here is the latest photo of Zulu, with his family: his sister Sheila and her grandchildren, and a cake for her birthday in December. Bev, our Zulu supporter in Spain, sent it to our webmaster Annabelle in Holland.

Soon, Zulu will give us an udate on his case. We are looking forward to reading this, and we cannot wait until we receive more good news from him.

We love Zulu!

Picture of Zulu and his sister and children with her own pie dec.2016

Picture of Zulu and his sister and grand-children with her own birthday-pie Dec, 2016

Zulu released from Solitary Confinement

On November 16, 2015, Zulu was released from solitary confinement to a dormitory in the general population area of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, an 18,000 acres plantation in Angola, LA.

According to Zulu’s family members, he made a smooth transition to the prison population, and he is enrolled in school, working towards his G.E.D. He has completed a C.P.R. course and an Anger Management program. Zulu’s family sent out this photo of Zulu of a few months ago.

Read a news article here of the Medill Justice Project (May 8, 2016)

Photo of Zulu in 2016

Zulu in 2016, on a photo his family provided

Legal Status

Zulu’s case is still pending in the District Court in Baton Rouge, LA, awaiting a decision by the Commissioner, who will send a recommendation to the Judge in this case.

For Zulu’s family members it seems that he is starting to see the sunlight at the end of that long tunnel…

We will keep you updated as well as possible.