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New Legal team for Zulu!

Dear Supporters of Zulu,

Zulu is in his 47th year of a wrongful conviction for the August 15th, 1973 robbery and murder of the mayor in a rural community in the Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Kenny Zulu Whitmore

On February 1st, 2021 Zulu got a new legal team that consists of Emily Henrion Posner, Jim Boren, and a great investigator, Jennifer Vitry.

In 2013 Emily Posner, fresh out of Loyola Law School, took on the monumental task of unthinking the web of lies that sent an innocent man to prison. Now, more seasoned and a pitbull of an attorney who is bringing all of her skills to free Zulu, Posner is lead counsel.

Co-counsel, Jim Boren, is a veteran attorney in the wicked Louisiana judicial system with an amazing track record.

When I last communicated with Zulu, he was corona-free, healthy and in good spirits. And he was scheduled to take his first vaccination shot.

Zulu said of the B.P.P. Ten Point Program: “We still ‘want’ #7, the end to police brutality and outright murder of Black people in America,” and he said in the words of the late great Chairman of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton, “They can jail a revolutionary with a life sentence, but they cannot jail the Revolution. All Power to The People, Zulu.”


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Let’s not forget Zulu!

Zulu tyles from London

Two tyles in ceramic art made for Zulu

Hello, I am Annabelle, chairperson of the Free Zulu European Team.

I recently heard where brother Jalil Muntaqim, aka Anthony Bottom, was released from a New York plantation/prison after serving nearly 50 years for the 1971 double police murder in Harlem, NY in 1971; his co-defender Herman Bell was released on parole in 2018. Political prisoners, like the Move 9, and others.

And this got me thinking about our beloved brother Kenny Zulu Whitmore, who himself is a part of those Black Liberation Radicals who were convicted in the 1970s. Zulu has been incarcerated for 46 years as of today, being falsely accused of a political murder of the Mayor of a small rural community in the Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Like the legal lynching of brother George Floyd, who was born on October 7th, 1973, as was brother Zulu (who was born on October 14th, 1954), the system/racist policemen put their knee on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, they have had their knee on Zulu’s neck for 46 years, trying to choke the life out of brother Zulu.

George Floyd was taken away from his beautiful daughter, who now has to grow up without her father. Zulu’s son was only 13 months old when Zulu was kidnapped by the modern-day slave catchers, as he calls the racist police who helped to frame him for murder, but both George’s daughter and Zulu’s son had to grow up without their father because of the unjust judicial system, the criminal justice system of America.

And as we protest in the streets around the world for all of the Black & Brown men, women and children who were murdered by the police, we must not overlook the many Black&Brown men, women and children who are incarcerated in the many children’s homes, reformatories, child-prisons, ICE-camps and prisons and penitentiaries across America, as part of the mass incarceration of African Americans, People of Color.

We must raise our voice for the immediate release of our brother Kenny Zulu Whitmore, who continues to be held down with the system’s knees on his neck for 46 years now on a wrongful conviction of murder and armed robbery. He was taken from his family at the age of 19. He has just turned 66 on October 14th, so let’s send our brother lots of love and light, because he will never surrender hope.

Free Zulu!


Instagram: @Freezulunow


Zulu is now back at Cypress #, so his address is:

Kenny Zulu Whitmore
86468 Cypress 3
LA State Penitentiary
Angola, LA 70712

You can also send him a Jpay mail via
Zulu is NOT allowed greeting cards!

Free Zulu-campaign back on social media!

Zulu tyles from London

Two tyles in ceramic art made for Zulu

The Zulu-support-team in Europe has been enriched again by the London-based group of artists – well-known for their design-teeshirts and ceramic art –  who have always supported him, this time they will do the social media campaign for Zulu!

Since we had to scale down our online support of Zulu, due to the legal team asking for this, the social media support had to vanish.
Now it is back! On Instagram to start with.

Billy X holding a Free Zulu Teeshirt

Billy X holding a Free Zulu shirt

Billy X holding a Free Zulu shirt